Invites & Cards

Bespoke invites, cards and wedding stationery  custom designed to suit the event theme and occasion. Alicia plays with styles and mediums experimenting with Watercolour on traditional textured paper and then digitally enhancing as perfection and attention to detail are the two things she believes, make an invite, intricate and eye-catching.


Alicia doesn’t believe in limiting herself to any one single surface. She believes in experimenting, exploring and discovering new canvases on a daily basis.
She customizes sneakers, perfume bottles, mugs, plates, bags and more.

Coffee Painting

Alicia is an ardent coffee lover. She believes that coffee making is an intricate form of art in itself and it’s variety of tones allow her to experiment painting portraits with coffee.
She has worked with numerous lifestyle and home appliance brands to create live paintings done with coffee alone !

Halloween Makeup

Alicia’s love for fantasy and mythical makeup is evident in her creations for a number of body art projects. She has performed at theatrical shows, club events, concerts and believes Halloween is her time to shine !


Who doesn’t like to veer towards a hilarious animated version of themselves from time to time? Alicia’s ability to humorously portray features and characteristics in a caricature can be seen in her work. She has a sharp eye for unique features and the ability to ‘exaggerate’ them while bringing them to life. Alicia is well equipped in dealing with churning out her art at high-stress events such as weddings and corporate events.


Alicia considers her choice of media and tools to be boundless. Having worked as a fashion illustrator for various brands – Sfera, The Rack by Kachins to name a few, she uses her own artistic flare when creating intricate fashion sketches and does this both – for live events as well commissioned designed invites.


Alicia has worked as a beauty illustrator with some of the biggest beauty’s brands – Dove, Himalaya Herbals, Wojooh Beauty, Grand Optics and more. She enjoys working on face charts, watercolour illustrations as well as digital illustrations via an iPad.She uses a combination of mediums – watercolour paints, markers and even make up to create her face charts !


Alicia’s passion for art and face paint is reflected in her unique creations on the human face. She combines artistic patterns , colours , textures and abstract prints when she creates creative make up looks.

Body Painting

“Our body is a canvas,” says Alicia as she sheds light on another area of her specialisation – Body painting. She has worked at large indoor and outdoor events for brands such as Blue Marlin Ibiza UAE, Sony PlayStation Middle east, Middle East Film and Comicon to name a few.
Alicia performs Neon body painting too. Playing with colours in black / UV light has been one of her favorite mediums !

Face Painting

Alicia specialises in children’s face painting. Her designs have made planet of kids birthday parties a memorable one, adding splashes of colour and excitement. She has also worked at a few large mall-based events and festivals bringing imaginations to life.